Acrostic Writing

When I’m writing, I get lost in myself, lost in the moment, lost in the story, lost in passionate imagination.

Right-hand controls the wielded weapon, while the left hangs on for dear life, keeping sanity intact for us all.

Infinite are the possible stories, characters, settings, and images, to set them all free at once, is how I fill my pages.

Tender are the moments when a protagonist dies or the heroine meets the man of her dreams, during his birth.

Infectious is the drug of spirited discovery, when the muse plays her music, in my mind, and I dance to the rhythm.

Never can I go back from this life I’ve established, created, molded, and now relish more than I ever thought I would.

Grateful is the emotion that springs forth every day that I wake up to a blank page and declare, “I am a writer.”

3 thoughts on “Acrostic Writing

  1. “Heavy is the burden of the wise one when no one understands a word they say.” -Cheshire Kitten by SJ Tucker
    Keep on writing Jody. Together we’ll reach our goals 😀 Half way now. Only twelve more hours to go!

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