One thought on “Prompts for Hour Nineteen

  1. My Friend’s City

    When I visit your page,it is as if I am visiting your place in a famous city
    a city of japanese gardens, a kaleidoscope of bright flowers,of music in the air
    reaching out it turns into a dream and I wish I was actually there-

    when I visit your page I feel the warmth of your hospitality, an aroma of a hot cup
    of coffee served with chocolate muffins and strawberries, bright sun
    shines through the window as

    your soft furry cat eyes me jealously and springs and slips around me finally landing
    onthe sofa, while you smile patiently, and I wish I had a cat if not anyone else around-

    when I visit your page I hear the cars and trucks on the road down below,
    an occasional siren or two, your city is so well planned and seems a lot
    in order so, unlike many others

    when I visit your page I find your city full of books and magazines, inhabited by talented
    gifted authors and poets,it gives me great joy to find
    a reading public lives nearby

    My visit to your page guides me through my thoughts, I compose words on paper
    and leave for you to see, and hope and pray that I may come again and again
    to leave all affection there and take love away.

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