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  1. Long-Lasting Laundry

    On Saturdays, I do laundry.
    But before I put T- Shirts,
    socks, and underwear in the clothes
    washer, I turn them inside out.
    I’m told that that’s how I can make
    them last longer: the colors will
    remain more vibrant.

    On other days, I write poetry.
    But before I save my words, phrases,
    and ideas on the computer,
    I turn them inside out.
    I’ve learned that that’s how I can make
    them last longer, too.

    I grab each word by its collar,
    I spin each phrase around,
    I flip each idea over and over,
    to ensure my poems, like my
    laundry, will come out much cleaner,
    brighter and well folded.


    Edgar Degas, At the Louvre (Miss Cassatt), 1879

    Turn me away, turn me inside out. Hide my eyes, show my back. Don’t stare at my low-heeled shoes or the cut of my Victorian clothes (dark, floor length, pleated). Imagine where I’m going – down this hall or that. Consider the angle of the floor – is the wood parquet slanting up into space?

    Don’t worry about who is speaking – Cassatt or the other woman with Miss Cassatt. You may not know – you can’t see my face.

    Whose paintings do you imagine Edgar thinks I am looking at? Think about that.

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