One thought on “Prompt for Hour Two

  1. NAS Prompt 2

    I wake to a greeting: “Good Morning”
    I am a happy and devoted Child of God,
    and one of his gifts to me is a husband who greets me
    with words in a tone that is pleasant.

    Later the day, a friend seeks truth, “be honest”
    “What would I do in her shoes?”
    she is walking a sad road that is similar
    but different to the road I’ve traveled
    Feeling inadequate to give her strength
    all I can do is describe the moments of hope
    we felt at Hospice, when Mom’s time was dwindling
    My friend trusts that she will also find those treasured moments

    And at the close of that day,
    In the after hours of some instances of Grace,
    and some wishes for do-overs,
    I hear the promise of more challenges and chances tomorrow.
    by Nancy Ann Smith

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