One thought on “Prompts for the Seventh Hour

  1. Picture Prompt

    If I could find and reach
    an old wooden bench
    in a garden peaceful
    or by a silent empty
    roadside lined shaded
    with shady Çinar
    and I could feel safe
    in lonely comfort-

    Whose bench is this?
    who placed it here?
    who was so kind?
    who cared for the old?
    Someone knows the truth
    and that is true love-
    True to the oath and promise
    the only way to peace
    in the heart and soul.

    Now that I have found
    would I be able to
    sit awhile
    awaiting the
    closure of my laden eyes
    with peace in my soul-?

    After for long awake on foamy floor
    fearing the crashing of the door
    with all the floods storms
    and earthquakes I know-
    the Beast is somewhere near
    and so
    I cannot think of sleeping

    am I awake to the Truth?
    Could someone tell me

    how on an old wooden bench
    does one really find enlightenment
    love and peace- is this the place
    for the real awakening?
    The place of eternal peace.?

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