3 thoughts on “Prompts for the Fourth Hour

  1. Smashed Piano

    As a Poet,
    I can’t
    I have never mentioned junkyards
    in my poetry before.
    In 50 years or less,
    I’m certain
    my Brother’s old piano
    will be smashed
    as his ability
    when his fingers first glided
    across those keys.
    My family were just
    fluttered our wings
    around his talent.
    Just regular Monarchs
    while his wings
    showed us the music;
    he was a rare Lotus Blue
    self taught jazz musician
    while all we did
    was hovered.

  2. A Century’s Gallery

    Humans are relegated,
    Androids roam the space,
    It’s a battle of wits and wisdom,
    It’s survival of the fittest,
    The beauty of the landscape is eroded,
    Like a carpet rolled up and carried away,
    It has gone with time,
    Gardens and parks wear sombre looks,
    The water bodies are covered with effluents,
    Its inhabitants are endangered,
    The atmosphere is saturated with ashes and dust,
    The flora and fauna stand at the edge of the cliff,
    The world seeks an escape route,
    Who will bring her out of the woods?

  3. Picture prompt-
    Strange that green growth survives,
    though a dry yellowish look it gives,
    music lost from keys white and black
    seems to ring with the unseen breeze
    where have all the senses gone?
    where have all the flowers gone?
    where have all musicians gone?
    Gone with poverty, everyone?
    Gone with greed, everyone one?
    But no, there is hope,even with one
    broken and silent ,
    mind is alive
    spirit is not dead
    celestial sympnonies are in the air.

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