One thought on “Prompts For Hour Fourteen

  1. Tree Stories are common in the East

    “Moaning again? You are being ungrateful! When will you ever realize?” said Pine, standing tall and graceful, swaying just a bit from side to side. “Stop please, dear Hedge, your moaning is disturbing everyone. If one plant is grieving, it affects all, keep in leaves the environment. It is vital for the well-being of all living here,” explained Pine.

    “I try to, I am trying to, but see I have no color, no flowers, no one looks at me; me the green, green hedge, and I am so short. Oh! It so hurts my small twigs,” complained Hedge.

    “Ah, listen to what the Great Persian Writer Sheikh Saadi wrote in a short story about a king and his son,” said Pine.

    “Bah! What story? Don’t tell me about kings and princes and fairies and…,” mumbled Hedge in contempt.

    Pine continued anyway saying, “The king would think that his son was short and ugly so no princess would marry him. But, the son was sharp and intelligent; he asked his father, “Isn’t a short intelligent person better than a tall but stupid one? The goat can be eaten but not the elephant.” The king was shaken and immediately regretted his unreasonable thoughts. “So, being sensible is the key. I cannot bend, but you can see the earth and be with so many friends, and if you feel happy about yourself, the way nature has made you, you will bloom and develop a strong fragrance. So bloom you will, even in isolation. Only you can make yourself happy”, concluded Pine.

    Together the Hedge and the Pine swayed with the light breeze, as music filled the air, making it strangely fragrant.

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