2 thoughts on “Prompts for Hour Nine

  1. Looking in the cupboard I found a bakery item:
    a packet of buns.

    Many poems did we sing in kinder garten
    Mrs Ronken our teacer was an amazing Lady
    many rhymes we sang and played with-too,
    favorite was “Hot Cross Buns” one or two a penny,

    our trip to grandfather’s, was never without buns
    father would ask my sister and me,to sing the rhyme
    as the jeep moved, we sang in harmony perfectly
    and crossed our small arms on our hearts, sacredly.

    The trips were fun, and hot and tasty were the buns
    I owe gratitude to my childhood teachers,the nuns,
    who taught me the poems rhymes, and games,
    as we enjoyed the buns, the journey soon was done

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