3 thoughts on “Prompts for Hour Thirteen

  1. Sadness on your face tells me that
    you are missing someone, most likely
    your family.
    Please know that all are well
    they spend the night just outside my door
    sometimes they sleep under the car
    three to count and a fourth just, come.

    You are remembered every night
    when all of them bark out loud
    with all their might-

    I think they send you good thoughts
    wishes and prayers, so be good-

    I know how faithful you are
    to those who care
    your name is lovely, Lumpy is rare.
    Your bed is cosy and fair

    smile as I write I look at you
    your heart is kind-so
    I would not mind
    if you just continue to stare

  2. Coronatimes

    It’ll all blow over, don’t worry, some said
    But the hospitals were full, there was nary a bed
    And the TV showed sidewalks with hearses, and the dead
    Waiting to be buried.

    Communities had barricaded themselves in
    All deliveries were dropped off to be collected later
    All stores shut down and their owners fled
    To the countryside where it was said
    The virus couldn’t survive.

    With its hundred apartments, our own community,
    Locked the two sets of gates, which we’d never seen done.
    People worked from home, all felt dark and dun
    Till, slowly, slowly, the children came down

    Masked and washing their hands very often
    They went into the yard, tried to have fun.
    But out on the street, a little girl spied
    A skeleton-like form– a dog that’d almost died.

    Were his owners too sick, or had they fled
    Forgetting him, abandoning him in their fear or dread
    Of the virus?

    All the children who saw his feebly wagging tail
    As he leaned on the sidewalk’s rusty red rail
    Determined that this little dog wouldn’t die
    And they thought long and hard.

    They begged their parents to order in dog-food
    For the dog who’d barely outgrown his puppy hood.
    And they promised to make up the money
    By delivering all the goods that’d been left at the gate.

    The residents were happy to pay a little more
    To have their essentials delivered at the door.
    The children used the cash to feed the poor strays
    For there were four dogs nearby in the same case.

    The dogs were adopted after the curbs eased
    But my admiration for the kids’ empathy never ceased.

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