2 thoughts on “Prompts for Hour Twelve

  1. Fellow poets…I’ve made it to the half-way point…now i’m force-feeding myself saltine crackers and seriously considering the half-marathon “enough” for this year. It’s difficult to write poems while barfing. Blah.

  2. Ode to a Nigerian Piece of Art

    O Thou unbeaten unsounded circular percussion !
    I admire Thee !
    Placed elegantly in bride like silence
    in historical African time
    your smooth skin silky top, classically stitched
    with legendary leather, patterns criss crossed holds
    to secure the haunting beats-

    What romantic tales bang out
    what messages sweet
    what calls for secret help
    what melodies or saddened grievs

    O Thou Classic Beat !
    flanked by sturdy woven seats
    and a royal blue vase to complete
    the ancient kingdom’s high seat

    O Thou African Beauty!
    I admire Thee !
    Thou hast thy music and grace
    Soon the silence will break
    thou shalt remain for ever
    Beating out love and eternal peace.

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