Aku-ngala (Hour 4)

You never met your father’s grandfather

but you know him through evening tales

you know him in songs of him

you know that he is the first generation of pride


When your father tells your history

he tells you to hit your chest and say-

“I am Adannaya, the fourth generation of pride”

every one of us has it running in our veins

we bear a proud name


you see-

the father of my great grandfather was the first son of a rich man

like light that attracts moth, wealth attracts envy

in his riches he was open to death attempts


swaggering round the village after the birth of his heir

he recognised envy when he saw it mirrored in people’s faces

that is how we got our family name

Akungala, proud wealth


In a hundred years

three generations or four might have come through me

carrying the weight of the name

pride flowing in their veins

amassing the wealth of a thousand people


may they swagger as they walk

may their shoulders be lifted up in their gait

may they flow on riches

just like him

One thought on “Aku-ngala (Hour 4)

  1. ….’carrying the weight of the name
    pride flowing in their veins’

    A poem of raw awareness, intensity and a well defined identity instilled with family narratives.

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