Hello everybody!

A very special THANK YOU for CAITLIN and JACOB JANS! Excitement is in the air. Writers from around the world, and at least one from a very small town in the middle of the state of Ohio! My name is Carl Mann everyone calls me The kurlman. I am a rank amateur, have no books nothing published. My biggest claim to fame finishing 12th out of 3556 entries in a poetry contest held by RHYME ZONE, this past year. I am 78 years of age, did not begin to write until early seventies. my serious writing started just two years ago, same time I got my first computer. A late bloomer, maybe but yes I do like to write. I belong to a writing group, they have helped me tremendously. They say I write folk art poems. I do write end line rhyme. Hopefully I will be standing at the end of 24 hours with 24 new poems, for my group to critique.Thanks for listening.

The kurlman

PS. if there’s anyone else in my age group let me here from you!


3 thoughts on “Hello everybody!

  1. Hi Ardelle ” Ms. Tiger ” good to hear from another writer! I love your name, could be many reasons behind it, would you like to share? How long have you been writing? What type of poems do you write? I seem to write about any and everything. All my poems are end line poems. Personally I think this type of poetry is hard because each line must rhyme, ending words must make sense! I have tried to write other types of poems , end up going back to end line rhyme. Have you ever done a marathon before? I have not! Thanks for listening, The kurlman

  2. Ms. Tiger and The Kurlman—I’m turning 66 in a few days. In another organization, I’m known as Dragonfly. I’d love to see what happens in the full marathon, but am starting with the half this year.

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