Self-portrait | Surya T | Poetry Marathon Poem 19

Cacophonous sound of the alarm
rings still in my ear, an hour after it sounds
I drag myself out of bed, beginning the day
Start the day happy – I feel immediately guilty
Alas, there’s no hope of gaining lost time
Nor any chance of dripping spilt milk
I fill the bucket with water, the day must begin
with a hot shower and a clean shave
A man must keep his face clean shaven – told repeatedly
It has become a habit, one that I cannot miss
Think of the lessons that can be learnt early in the day
Do your work before most people even are awake
Study well before the sun creeps through the horizon
Lighting up the sky and heating up the world
I open my mail for a morning motivation email
I need my dose of mantras to begin the day
I pour myself a hot cup of coffee
and listen to the daily dose of mental caffeine
I must be vigilant to protect my focus
I must be constantly guarding my attention
I must ensure I do not fall prey to marketing scams
I must protect my attention and direct towards my goals
Each day, a routine similar to that of Sisyphus
Each night, a routine similar to that of Sisyphus
I will reach the goal one day for sure
I will reach that goal very soon
Until then, it is rolling the boulder up the hill
only to have it fall down from the summit

Surya T

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