Red Sweater.

He bought her favourite sweater,
It was red and very loud,
Said it was so I could find her,
If she lost me in a crowd,
It wasn’t very fancy,
Just a pull-over-the-head,
But you’d never seen a person,
Look so wonderful in red,
For me it was a beacon,
A sign that things would be okay,
And I’d bury my face in it,
Until the world had gone away,
Then on the day she found out,
She picked me up early from class,
And we drove and drove forever,
Watching the world go streaming past,
And I didn’t understand,
What all the tears and screams were for,
But I saw that bright red sweater,
Laying crumpled on the floor,
That one discarded item,
Said more than her words could say,
She wore it so she wouldn’t lose me,
But it was her I lost that day.

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