You say you’re nothing special,
But I reject that that is true,
For if you want some solid proof,
Than I can give you one or two.

  1. You can’t pronounce “specifically”,
    Without it getting slurred,
  2. But to this day it still remains,
    Your favourite slippery word,
  3. You never eat the sandwich crust,
    Like bones upon your plate,
  4. You’ll always be ten minutes early,
    But you’re never a second late,
  5. You don’t know how to whistle,
    But you try it all the same,
  6. And every day you choose,
    To answer to a different name,
  7. You’ve never learnt to cook,
    But claim you make fantastic toast,
  8. You’re the first to own mistakes,
    And you’re the very last to boast,
  9. You can’t receive a compliment,
    Without giving one back,
  10. And everything you are,
    Makes up for everything I lack.

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