Letter from Parker – Hour 6 Prompt


When are you going to get your ass up here and go camping??? Mr. Bigtime Hollywood is too fancy to get drunk with rednecks? I found a spot further up that logging road where we tore the bumper off, lets get Jason and Joe and go grill! I want to put a new shell on the ranger and insulate it so we can go up in the winter. Remember when we hit the ice and I told you to bail out, and you slid under the truck? That shit still cracks me up. GET YOUR ASS UP HERE!
I know your really busy, im proud of you man. I didnt want to see you go, but im happy your doing what you love. That took a lot of balls to pack up and go. I didnt get what you did until I helped you on that shoot, that was really cool seeing you work. Tell Brad Pitt to FUCK OFF and lets go CAMPING! I miss you man.

Love you Brother.

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