Hour 11: Celestial Feeling

Walk into the temple, be humble, have respect,
Almost like stepping into the gates of heaven,

Statues of miniature Buddhas lining the walls,
Creating an ethereal feeling as if your soul is being lifted.

If you stare at all the small statues for too long,
It’s as if the mind has been tricked with an optical illusion,
It seems as if they are all moving, calling to you like a higher power.

The music in the background enhances this celestial sensation,
Taking over your other senses along with your nose as you smell the burning incense,
There’s no need for the awareness of touch,
For you have been caressed by something impalpable.

Exiting the temple is like a bridge between worlds,
For that other worldly feeling has disappeared,
And you are no longer a victim of the illusion of such peace,
However, the memory of such a feeling is stuck within to give you peace during troubling times.

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