Poem 6 – Meet Trivandrum – A city in India

A prompt that couldn’t be more timely

As I stay in god’s own country

Streets lively as can be

Oh if course, it’s the capital city


For me though, it’s so much more

It’s my summer vacation

My only connection to the city

This is where I grew up


From finishing my handwriting homework

To researching college’s coursework

From enrolling in drawing classes

To enrolling in driving classes

This, is where I grew up.


Every vacation,

The zoo, the beach, the museum

The temples, the malls, the family friends

Oh there’s list of places to visit


The cocount trees, the Banana trees

Trees everywhere, so much beauty.

I think they’re particularly pretty

And the language, oh it’s just the best


A city I know so less about

A city I’ve lived very little in

A city whose language I don’t understand

Yet, one that feels so much more like home


But as I grew, those around me grew too

As my grandparents turn old

As the walls show cracks

My family decides it’s time to let go of the house

One thought on “Poem 6 – Meet Trivandrum – A city in India

  1. Love the detail in this poem — the banana trees, the coconut trees, the language … lovely … The ending is a bit of a shock but that works for me. I am immersed in the beauty of this place and then the sudden realization that it is one you are leaving. Great poem.

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