At Last, Charlie Finds A Bride


At Last, Charlie Finds A Bride

1- 9am A Life in the Day of the Mayfly,
2- 10am The Time is Against Us.

3- 11am Lives only to Breed,
4- 12pm Alone on the Side of the Pond,
5- 1pm Stuck there for Days Unknown,
6- 2pm The Burrow and the Bore.

7- 3pm Cat, Crate and Garden Gate.
8- 4 pm Hail, Rain and Drought,
9- 5pm Another Failed Attempt.
10- 6pm Raccoon Comes to Call.
11- 7pm Licked by A Toad,
12- 8pm Invincible and Ancient
13- 9pm Everyone Wants to Love.

14- 10pm Fish, Enough for You to Fry
15- 11pm In search of a Meaning
16- 12am Nevermind, the World Goes On
17- 1am Darkness All Around
18- 2am Stillness and Serenity

19- 3am And Now, Begin Again Once More

20- 4am Broken Pump and Motor
21- 5am Rivers Flow to the Ocean
22- 6am I Can Make It, I Know I Can
23- 7am Dawn is a Feeling, a Beautiful Ceiling
24- 8am End. At Last, Charlie Finds A Bride

Hour 24, 8 am

(form/ Acrostic of Acrostics/ Acrostic of Titles/series 24 of 24)
Charlie the Mayfly.


8 thoughts on “At Last, Charlie Finds A Bride

  1. Thank you Judy. Intense was exactly the word- whether it was doing research on the mating patterns of Mayflies at 2am or nailing down the rhyme and meter of a Heroic Sonnet or forgetting (skipping) a letter in the acrostic on line 14 and having to RE-WRITE the entire bottom of the poem once i caught it- (and this happened a few times) as you look at the clock (which is not your friend) and see you have 20 minutes to go in the hour- yes! Challenging, some might call it crazy. It was without a doubt one of the hardest things i have ever done. I don’t regret a moment! Thank you for you support and guidance!
    all the best

  2. This takes a level of planning and foresight that my sleep-addled brain would never have been able to pull off! I’m blown away by the cleverness of this one. You’re making me plot for next year’s marathon. I went into this one flying by the seat of my pants. Intense, but also inspiring!

    1. Thank you Wendie- i appreciate you taking a look- it came to me in all at once as J.R. Turek had just turned me on to this a week or so earlier and I had no idea what I was going to write or even how the marathon worked. I still remember her asking me right before i set my course, “Are you sure?” I laughed and said,
      “I like a challenge.” little did i know how in just a few short hours i would be regretting those words.

    1. Thank you Darryl- I have come to name it a “Crown of Acrostics.” I searched and could not a find a name for a series of acrostic poems written on one theme with all of them tied together with the titles, then all of the titles making the last poem in the series and spelling a new message- or the outcome, result, key to the series. I can’t wait until next year!

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