The Still of the Morning


It’s five am and the birds have started to tweet and call.

Sing softer little Red bird; the sun is still enroute and I am still sleepless.

I succumbed to a moment of stillness dropping my glasses and my phone.

Ahh but the end is drawing nigh! This has been a test of time.

I won’t claim the victory yet, though I can see its crowned head.

I can feel that certain rhythm taking shape as I go.

My thoughts had become slow but are now picking up the pace.

My keyboard is suddenly foreign under my touch but I venture on.

Zukey is snoring on the bed behind me and it is music.

Every snort and hiccup I envy that sweet pup.

Let us make plans to dance and join the Cardinal’s song.

With the sunrise still burning its way up the Eastern edge of the sky.

Let us claim victory for the day, for conquering the night.



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