A Grain Of Rice

A Grain of Rice

Outside, the sun displayed its prowess

Over the petty organisms called life

As if to burn the coolest of minds;

And Draupadi was burning too

With frustration, with anguish:

No food for the holy guests

For Rishi Agastya was no ordinary being –

He could gobble up the entire world

And drink the ocean dry;

To treat him and his gang!

Even death seemed easier to tackle.

Jubilation in the guest camp

And dirge of sorrow for Draupadi,

Tears dried down her cheeks

Leaving a trail of emotional burst

She hoped to avert the critical epoch:

A knock was heard, once … thrice,

Counting her heart beats she gobbled up

Capsules of air-filled saliva,

And advanced towards the door,

Towards her fate …

A divine force pulled her in,

Krishna, her ‘Sakha’ stood smiling:

A hungry ‘Sakha’ demanded food, much to her annoyance,

A hungry ‘Sakha’ forced himself

Into the kitchen and found –

A single grain of rice …

The smiling ‘Sakha’ consumed it

For the whole mankind

Empty stomachs of the universe were filled

And Rishi Agastya’s too

Without eating a morsel

The knowing ‘Sakha’ saved Draupadi from humiliation

A grain of rice saved her fate …


Hour 15


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