Making Love on the Bank of the Eel River

Even as he entered me I thought

What a great story this will be

Naked, exposed, in love

Surrounded by the giant, ancient redwoods

The fresh smell of the forest

The intoxicating sounds of the river

The relaxing heat of the afternoon sun

The gentle bite of the cold wind rushing over us

Completely connected

To him

To nature


That’s the story I tell


At the same time I felt the

Uncomfortable penetration of nature

Trapped, prodded, I barely know this guy

Almost smothered by the weight of his body on top of me

The pungent odor of his sweat

The gritty pain of a million tiny rocks digging into my back and climbing up my ass with each thrust

The salty taste of huge drops of perspiration that fell onto my face and into my mouth

The jarring shudders of freezing wind alternating with the blistering rays of sun

Completely frustrated

With him

With nature


That’s the story I try to forget


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