Some of my Stage Experience #5/24

#5/24 Some of my Stage Experience

The best written script
from which I have played lead
is an intriguing, unpredictable tale
of an odd woman at the age of 50
who is living almost alone, but not really
alone enough for what she needs to do
(It’s the backstory, really, that is compelling
in a dramatic way, wonderfully emotional
monologues achingly written with such realism
makes you wonder what sort of life she’s lived)
I have lived a colorful life of many experiences
that culminate beautifully into the director’s dream
cinematic in vision and powerful in emotion
(We don’t see everything. Ever. The small tense rooms.
The anxious waits. Things she’ll never tell us.)
It’s not all a bed of roses and that’s what makes it magic
on-stage. I’m choosing my words with far more
discrimination now that I’m fully aware
of the way the head writer
has arranged it all–
the big finish, the falling action,
“the end”

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