Hour 13 – Prompt 13 – Living in the sky

Yesterday, we were on the Earth
Juggling with heat from the sultry sun
And voila! today, we are in the sky
Looking through the thick of the clouds
To find the route to our house

We need to relearn everything
From how we walk, talk, and breathe
It feels like we are floating in the air
We need to talk softer, to manage the noise
We need to inhale deeper, to fill our lungs

The colors are different in the sky
Predominantly white, gray, blue, and
influenced by rays of the sun

We need to understand the distance between the clouds
Some days, it is so clear, it hurts our eyes
Some days, it is so cloudy, that our vision is blurred

On the Earth, we used cars, buses, and trains to travel
On the Sky, we are yet to figure that out

From the Earth, the sky looked so soothing
From within the plane, the clouds felt so relaxing
Now the Earth seems refreshing and lively
And life on Sky, with its mysteries, seems very lonely

(c) Vijaya Gowrisankar

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