Hour 16 – Prompt 16 – Cinderella

Persona Poem

I remember my mother’s kind eyes, her voice
And that keeps me going, when my bones hurt
after a day’s work. I am up when the sun peeks
out and I work till the darkness covers the Earth

My step-sisters are off to the lovely ball,
dressed in their best. Tears slip down my cheek,
as I look at my worn-out, shabby dress

And then, I hear a call. A fairy Godmother,
she works her magic, and transforms me into
a princess. I enjoy myself in the ball, an eye

at the clock. I rush home, to the life I know,
with dreams in my eyes, that include the Prince
and a life together. This repeats for a few more

balls till I lose my glass slipper. When the prince
comes looking, my sisters try the slipper, I await
my chance. The slippers fit. My hands slip into the
hands of the Prince, and I realize that, dreams come true

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