Hour 22 – Prompt 22 – Looking forward to the future

She stood, poised,
ready to take on the world
The ballroom was waiting,
and people were whispering
“Would she falter?”

She stood, poised,
ready to leave the past behind
She had emerged from the cocoon
of her parents sudden death
Her grief was not for display

She stood, poised,
her dress, a conscious choice
Her shoulders bare, free of burdens
The colour black, emphasizing
strength, fearlessness, and elegance

She stood, poised,
ready for the future
The ring on her finger, the
unconditional support of her fiancee
helped her shed her shyness and emerge

She stood, poised,
ready to sit on the empty throne
A queen in the making, her
kingdom, her people were her focus
She had left her insecurities behind

(c) Vijaya Gowrisankar

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