Always : The New Normal

Every day Normal is made
There is never any normal
Except the new normal
Anything else is nostalgia
Caught up in our fears
Of change and dreams of a past
Perhaps a past that never was
A past that only exists
Behind rose tinted glass
Growing prettier each day
The future becomes more frightening

When the first planes
Flew through the sky
They said it was a fad
It would never last
People sought to buy the air
Above their homes to keep the jets
From flying overhead
It’s not normal! It’s an invasion!
Our Freedoms and our Privacy!
They screamed that rebellions would rise
But they didn’t
Now airplanes may annoy us, but they’re normal
They’re convenient
Our world wouldn’t function ‘normally’
Without them.
It’s been the same again and again
With the invention of the train
People went mad
Then the automobile
It was the same!
They were outrageous
No one would ever prefer them
To the comfort and style of
A horse and buggy
I don’t like the changes in the world
I like to hug people
I don’t like the masks
They drive me crazy
(Truth be told, I am always
Running back, I forget mine!)
I’m uneasy with many things that are happening
But… I’m a mammal
We are fundamentally adaptable.
It’s what we do
Adapt, adopt and improve
Or die and get left in the muck and mire behind
There is no ‘normal’ in human
We are the abnormal growth on earth
Our choice is if we are a good or bad mutation
We make bad choices
We fail the mammal creed to
Adapt, adopt and IMPROVE
Failure to find a better path
Is failure of our species
It’s not a video game
There’s no second chances
We’re all in this together, all of us abnormal
We need to stop pointing fingers
Start inspiring each other to do better again
By doing better ourselves

One thought on “Always : The New Normal

  1. Truth! I love your honest and authentic look at the world, humans and the inability for anything to be “normal”
    Especially love these lines:
    Failure to find a better path/Is failure of our species
    It’s not a video game/There’s no second chances
    We’re all in this together”

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