i breath you

you caress me

hold me

hot or cold

every minute is you

your quality dictates mine

you send my voice far

or rip my words from my throat


i meet you

you greet me

as I pierce your skin

you negotiate my cells

plumping me make me more than dust

so we drink each other


i tread you

you uphold me

you are the grit of my teeth

as I ingest you

in all your mineral glory

you will one day eat me in my entirety


i worship you

you warm me

or beat me into blisters with you flames

without you I am form without function

slower slower until I still

mind stops all movement cease

you are my passion and I am wild with you

I am statuary without you


i acknowledge you

you laugh at my knowledge

like a toddler who realizes her cognizance

in the floating of a feather

and that memory courses through all thought

even in the null of the void

it is just me laughing at my own realizements

thats all it’s been all along


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