End of dreamland

The End of Dreamland

The End of Dreamland
A roller coaster plunging
Into the mists of oblivion
Placed by a cruel prankster
Collecting tickets
Laughing at the joke
See the rubes pay the toll
The tolls set to the price
It’s only your soul!
That Dreamland is more nightmare
Than laughter and love
Emaciated skeletons
Dancing through a distorted utopia
A world that never was
Never would be
Never could be
Thank all the gods above
That soap bubbles irridescent sheens
As fragile as the egos gathered
Around the casting couch
of ghouls and gangsters
the denizens of dreamland
the nightmare curse

I woke up one day
The dream was over
The sun played off the motes
The broken hopes left behind
The splintered edifices
Made of plaster of paris
Left to rot in the desert
Giant sphinxes
Violet eyed Cleopatras

It was all a dream
A lost city
Less real than silicon
More dubious than Atlantis
Or Lemuria
It was all a dream
Now we’re back from dreamland
Such as it is
Is better than the rotten shrouds
We tried to cover ourselves in

Soap bubbles pop
Roller coasters plunge
Dreams finish
Nightmares die

Awaken to
Such as it is

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