Golden Wheat

Gazing up up
at the grains above me
I know it’s crop
just like they bring to
The elevator
Delicious grains
My favorite ones
When the truck’s come
We’d put our hands out
When they opened the sluice gate
To the back of the truck
And slant it backwards
To dispose of their golden wheat
barley was good too
(but rye was YUCK)
It was as yummy as candy
I’d hold my skirt out and fill my apron up
Run away from my brother and steal my own weight
In the farmer’s crop
My dad would laugh
The farmer had already been paid
My dad ran the elevator
It was only the cartel who lost
A child’s apron of grain
If I was wearing a bonnet,
I’d fill that first
Like a greedy mouse
I’d scamper off with my hoard
Chewing and chomping
Seeds fresh from the stems
Soft and still green
It was a little taste of heaven

Watching the stalks
Of gold wheat overhead
They’re ready for harvest
I doubt anyone still has as much fun
Now with the grain coming in
As I once did

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