Rolling blackout poem ‘addition’


Waking Up
Is hard to do
With images dancing in my mind
Mingling into dreams
I should have a coffee
Or go for a walk
But right after this
I’m all done this run!
It’s called a marathon,
But it’s something else as well,
It’s reaching deep inside
And pulling out our minds ideas
Of heavens, hells and incidentals
Like a department store
Of hopes, dreams and fears
Writing a poetry marathon
Exposes more than just ‘feels’
I’m wide awake now
I want to do it again
But if it’s all just the same
I may sleep for the day
Every time I run
I want to do it again
It bursts all the blocks free
The words are never
Ones that I’ve planned
Now that we’re done
Pat myself on the back
Most of all
Write again after a nap!

The Internet hasn’t been great for the past few days. I was told it was okay to add this. It took me until now to get back online on my computer! All poems were finished on time and from what I can see all the others fortunately did upload (very fortunately because I only kept a duplicate of a few of these. This one has been in my clipboard ever since the marathon! Please note I was commenting right up until a few minutes before it was time to write last poem)

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