Something New

Something New

Darkened hallways
Turn darker still
The last lights of what was
Are dimmed and gone
The wind has stopped
Rustling the leaves
Only evil beasts still caper
Through the bowers of the trees
What is
What was
It is no more
I can’t recall ever working so hard
To get rid of something
That I loved so much
The bitter pain
Gnaws at me of losing the potential
Of the life that was never had
But holding on hurts exponentially in score
And now there is time for something more
Something better
We deserve to have something good
Not poisoned by the ghosts that lived here
Before we were ever born
and the angry spirits that came after
Yet here we linger
On the edge
Of a new adventure
Where it goes
The path that shimmers
Into reality before me
Is all still shrouded in mystery
But what I know
Is that those old halls
are darker and smaller
than ever before
Life has fled these paths
And it is time for something
Entirely new
Just me and you

2 thoughts on “Something New

    1. It’s very rare for me that anything below surface deep feels only one way, I love how poetry lets you express a range of ways of feeling. Sometimes it seems like people think things can be classed as ‘that’s a good thing’ or ‘that’s a bad thing’ without all the layers between, I’m glad that came through in this poem 🙂

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