Maid Marian’s Lament (prompt 16)

Oh, for a jug and my Robin beside.

Astride his horse, together we’d ride

Along the dray road to the village of Quay

And we’d sing jolly-lolly-o-lay, o-lay,

We’d sing jolly-lolly-o-lay.


He left me to rot in this castle so grey

With the nuns and the friars and his battle dray,

Keepin’ his sword for the next fightin’ day,

Why sing jolly-lolly-o-lay, o-lay?

Can’t sing jolly-lolly-o-lay.


Our Little John came to see me this morn,

He spoke of the green men and left me his horn,

Sayin’ “use this to call me at evenin’ or morn,

And I’ll come” jolly-lolly-o-lay, o-lay,

I’ll come jolly-lolly-o-lay.


I know in my heart that day will not come.

My Robin is gone, and I soon will be done,

The love of a man will not bring us to one,

So I’ll sing jolly-lolly-o-lay, o-lay

And mourn jolly-lolly-o-lay.



The Sheriff of Nottingham sent us his men,

To carry me off hoping I’d  marry him.

He’ll find but a cold corpse and well-poisoned rim,

And no lady to sing jolly-lolly-o-lay,

She is gone jolly-lolly-o-lay.


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