In the Garden

The rabbit finds another victim,

tender green and freshly planted,

so the flowers now must rearrange.

There’s no dirt in our ground,

nor luscious grass to speak of,

but I take mindful care in the

ladies I’ve chosen for the merry-go-garden.

Flashy zinnias and fleshy watercress,

slender poppies bobbing in the breeze.

A million shards of liquid diamond

glimmer from periwinkle to sapphire,

and all the crimson in between,

from handsome cornflowers up high to

happy clumps of alyssum watching down below.

We host wasps and bees, moths and butterflies,

and every now and then, a frog or lizard,

and the resident spiders are polite and cooperative.

In the garden, everyone is welcome.


(Hour 4)

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