Symbols or signs

Reaching out to the far,
searching secret combinations must surly
unlock some concealed affections,
yet scorn springs from unending upturned wells,
Human legs destructive in bird nest incubator,
Writing intended perpetually for all time,
now washed by each dismissive scroll.
Muted against those adored with cardiac hieroglyphics.
Another bother, conveyor belt communication,
Words of devotion dashed by a short curt retort,
Cavernous ventricles fail at notification denied,
Iranian execution style slow strangling replies,
Hours dangling – callous in neglects disdain.
Words only on demand, that toy should remain boxed.
Catch those two little birds my love,
Only write to show your dedication to me,
& the only dedication I demand is silence.
Peering squints yet lines still empty,
Chided for basking that shown in plain sight.
Accept and enjoy a game as predestined loser,
mark away cultivating symbolic obscurity in safety.

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