Hour 12: 100 words


Angels singing in the breeze,

Bubblegum flavored cotton candy ,

Candles made from drippings,

Dog moons are eclipsing.

Elves in the foxglove,

Gloves on a horse

Hay sold in inches

Inchworms are jumping on Jimmy

Of course.

Japanese koi are obviously kicking

Kid goats are licking,

Lions meowing

Monarchs are napping,

Needles are ouch-ing

Oceans are pulling

Pipers are quip-ing

Quail are returning

Rabbits are stomping,

Silver pails thumping,

Turtles are racing in bright underwear.

Unicorns dance at a vampire fair

Voices are waking

Wind needs xeroxing

Xylophone choirs are nervously yelping.

Yellow is zipping

zebras arriving—

so is this helping?


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