hour 13: Earth Replaced

I woke up with a nervous start,

Or was it an end?

It tripped my heart!

The earth we knew had been replace.

Or, where we lived had been erased.

Two suns were shining in the sky.

Five moons were circling, way up high.

It really was a different sight,

Even so it seemed alright.

I had a lot of work to do,

Five moons, two suns, no sleep for you!

My irritation peaked of course,

My smile, I had to really force.

A sleepless world made stress more keen,

Kind was gone, replaced with mean.

And as the days went rolling by,

Five wars broke out, an all time high.

They fought to colonize each moon.

This world became a mess too soon.

And when at last I did find sleep,

My dreams had nowhere safe to creep.

So you can understand my plight,

How was I to make this right?

I made a call to God on high,

This is not right, make it a lie!

He heard me and I woke again,

Back on the earth I was born in.

I called back God to say all’s well

I said that other world was hell.

Thank you for keeping life this way,

I’ll do my best to make it stay.

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