Prompt 30: A 70s Pop Rock Anthem

Do you need a reason;

To let your world unfold?

Do you need a reason:


Do you need a purpose;

To let your dreams be known?

Do you need  a reason to;


Hold on to your self.

Hold on to your higher self.

Let your dreams take flight.

Find the courage to see why.

Only you will know,

What you really want.

Answer what you want inside

Answer what you want:

And fly.

See your self arrive.

See your self take up new wings.

Rise above the stormy sky.

Rise above the clouds of doubt.

Spread your wings and learn to fly.

Rise above and you’ll see;




Prompt 29, Hour 24: Five Steps To My MatchBox Town.

Prompt 29, Hour 24: Four Steps To My MatchBox Village.

First step:

Have teenage brothers purchase cars.

Have all go out and play.

Each matchbox car is magical.

So let it seems that way.


Second step:

Be as young as six years old;

Think cities made of mud.

Let childhood genius take its hold;

Recede Snake River’s flood.


Third step::

Skirt around wet fields of grain—

A boon from irrigation.

Small city streets— checkered terrain,

Form by imagination.


Fourth step:

Form Adam’s houses out of wet clay—

schools, businesses,  and churches.

Wait for the sun to bake them dry;

daydreams on flowing ditches.


Fifth Step:

Time travel back to innocence.

Bring along your children.

Find they’ll  travel other ways;

Their own worlds to pilgrim.



Prompt 28: Techno Bug

How you so delight a child?

Crawling there in smartness.

14 legs and 4 antennae.

Navigating darkness


Sniffing for a pal,

Armored for a fight,

Rolling up into a pill,

Roly Poly might.



Prompt 26: Nillie’s Watch

I’m the guardian of the house

Jacksey needs to see—

Needs to know I’m always right.

Who is alpha?  Me!


Birddog in the yard behind,

Catdog in the front.

Dingo when I have to fight,

Labrador at night.


Willing to go for a walk,

Watchdog for my dish

I’ll sound alarms when people knock,

I’ll even herd goldfish.


I love to curl up by the fire,

Humans are my pups.

I patrol the backyard wire.

I chew on plastic cups.


Nillie is my given name,

Master calls me sister.

I am loyal to a fault,

Rub my belly, Mister.





Prompt 25 hour 20 Love song words of J.A.Prufrock T.S.Eliot

Let us go then, you and I,
And hear the yellow birds reply
and come and go.
Hear talk of Michelangelo.

And take the time
while there is time.
To renaissance with Dante too.
and take a fresh Da Vinci view.
Time for you and time for me,
And time for other things.
Like Galileo’s telescope,
Mike Angelo’s stone wings.
I dare disturb the universe?
Then how should I begin?
I’ll learn from Michelangelo,
And trace his visions thin.
I’ll squeeze the universe into a ball
Play bocce on the grass.
Let other matters slip and go
and talk to Michelangelo.
and so much more?—
say what I mean!
Find where to go,
To talk to Michelangelo.

Prompt 23 On Beginnings Revisited.

In the beginning, was a hole,

And the hole was without sound

the sound was without a beat,

the beat was without melody.

And there were no words to the music.


Then a voice was heard:

Let there be a dance.

and let the dance have sound,

and let the sound be a song,


and let the song have words,

and let the words form poetry.

And let a beat take form.

And let all dance along.


But the world was void of dancers

So God took Elm and Ash

and made from each a man and woman.

And then the dance began.




Prompt 24: Matsuo Bashō’s Crow

karasu-no tomari-keri
aki-no kure

on a withered branch
a crow is perched
autumn evening

snow rests on the branch
waiting for a forlorn crow
after summer’s heat

Yuki ga eda ni kakatte imasu.
Karasu o matteimasu.
Natsu no atsusa no nochi ni

Prompt 22: Letters To An Andalucian Friend

Dear Guillermo,

Hola to my kind Andalusian friend.

I write to you from the shores of Utah Lake.

The mountains hear are snow-capped yet.

How is the climate there?

I miss the beauty of the old Moorish palaces in Granada.

I miss the lively graceful beauty of the Flamenco dancers and

the prancing of your glorious horses on parade.


Do you still take lessons from the gypsies who taught you how to play the oud?

I miss the smells the music and rhythm of southern Spain.

I miss your delicious food too.

I hope you will reconsider visiting me.

Spring has sprung and Utah is all in bloom.

Best wishes to you and yours,

Your amigo,

William Jackson

Prompt 21: A Bee’s Humming Hymn

Asterales Taraxacum—

Be to some, men’s weed.

Asterales Taraxacum—

Bee— thee, my life’s need.


Antho-phila-sophy hum.

Hum this hymn with me.

From the spring, ’til fall has come,

I’ll give thanks to thee.


Humbly hum this hymn with me.

To this dandy flower!

That sends out, across the breeze.

Parachutes of power.


Asterales Taraxacum—

I pray you’ll always be.

May men never overcome;

their lawn’s diversity.






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