23 My Mini Pet Triceratops

Sitting down in our house can be—


Kikuyu my mini pet triceratops likes nesting on—


You see, Kikuyu has superpowers, she is—


She is also magical and whoever she touches—


She makes you small enough you can ride her to—


She can take you anywhere because she can read—


All you have to do is think of a place and pow you’ve—


If you are my friend I will ask Kukuyu to give you an—

imagination too.

22 Mimir’s Gate

Off the shores of Jötunheim,

There stands a mighty gate.

Portal to the wisdom well,

When the tide runs late.


You may someday ride your dreams

Upon an ocean’s wave.

Ride the Astrol Sleipnir

To Eye of Oden’s grave.


If you ever make it there,

Drink some mead for me.

Then, ask a question for a cure

For man’s stupidity.

21 Making Time For Fun

I have to get these modules done,

Required by the district.

I only have four more to go,

and then I’ll rest more easily.


I’m learning how to do cool things,

Technology is great.

But pushing to the very end

The fun turns into hate.


I’m looking forward to some sleep,

I’m looking for some fun.

Time to rest and time to think,

To have more outdoor sun.


I’m going to get my work all done.

So poetry will be.

The only thing I think about.

I’ll write it all for me.

20 How Often Do Stars Die?

When sunlight hits, an atom flips.

Electrons jump about.

From shell to ever higher shell.

It really makes a sight.


These little spots of polka-dots.

Must borrow from the sun.

To have their day it works that way 

Unless a sun; your one.


Mercury, and Venus, 

Earth and even Mars.

Must get its light from the sun’s might.

To shine like they are stars.


Now learning this, I make a wish,

Upon their falling light.

Each second here, a star quite near,

Explodes and fades from sight.

19 Siphonophore Apolemia

Siphonophore Apolemia

Creature from the land down under.

A string of vibrant light.

Ringing outward like a puddle.

Shimmer to entice and plunder,

Food by your device.

Swaying gently in the current.

Long as long should be.

You might be a good deterrent.

Jumprope of the see.

18 No Saying Goodbye Twice

No Saying Goodbye Twice


I calculate the time it takes

To reach into your mind.

I hear your song of loneliness,

Read on your face its line.


Where are the people we once— new,

Is Charity with you?

Have friends betrayed your innocence?

Well yes, I’m lonely too.


We walk together to the park 

A stroll down memory lane.

We both admit the times not right,

We both might be insane


I see you’ve got the Eiffle tower,

It’s hanging on your keys.

I think it’s safe to speculate

You loved those bygone days.


Let’s say goodbye, Be on our way.

I give you some advice.

If you and I should meet again,

No saying goodbye twice.

17 The Clock

The circle of time,

Is winding down

Smart phones take their place

No need for being smart.

.No need for counting fives.


15 By Lift And Drag

By Lift and Drag.


Lifting off from Salt Lake City,

Thrown back in my seat.

Rising over Colorado.

The Rocky Mountains blink.


There are no signs that say, 

Now leaving Kansas city,

“now entering “show me” state.

The borders blur.


The Mississippi snakes its way below me.

I know I am halfway there.

The rivers are much bigger,

The Mountains, much smaller.


The landing not so memorable.

The humidity,  intense.

I walk into the airport.

I’m standing in the “First Flight” state.


My first flight for me. 

The first flight,

for Orville and Wilber

On their Wright Flyer.


By lift and drag,

In the time it takes, 

 Utah, to home in Colorado,

I land in Charlette, North Carolina.

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