First and Evening Light

Prompts for Hour Twenty-Four

I am home inside myself,

In the early sky.

When the glory of the sun

Peaks o’re mountains high.


Glowing light upon the grass.

Turning every surface gold.

On my porch, the mornings pass.

Joyfully behold!


I am home inside myself.

In the evening sky.

When the sun takes a descent,

Waving its goodbye.


When the shadows lengthen out,

Vibrant life explodes.

I am home inside myself

Walking gilded roads.





Text Prompt

Write about the place you feel most at home in.

Droplets of Seraphic Light

Droplets of seraphic light

the camera froze up time for you.

Glowing abdomens so bright,

dance around the tall bamboo.


I would like to join in play,

dapple light along my way.

Little seraphs tipped with light,

see me through this pitch dark night.



Tasking The Paranoiac-Critical Mind

Prompt for Hour Twenty-Two

Salvidor Dali

where is your paranoiac-critical mind

I need your method more than ever.

that state between sleep and consciences.

where abstractions grow like Van Gogh’s poplar trees.

Let me slip into your sleep-walking journey.

where reality fails to solidify.

and dreaming finds dimension.

just a few more hours of mental babbling on.

I am nearing the end of this daydreamer’s trail.

a road, never taken, to end well

and stretching, stretching beautifully,

In a grove of poet-trees.






Text Prompt

Write a poem to wake yourself up.


Ode to A Water Hose.

Prompts for Hour Twenty-One

You bridge a pipeline to each tree,

and flower patch and unpulled weed.

You’re more than just a plastic snake

as water shoots out from your neck.

You are my staff my scepter sleek

when I into my garden sneak.

I need not build a grand canal,

Or carry water in a pale.

My aqueduct— three-quarter hose,

Small waterfalls feed from your nose.

With you, I travel back in time,

to Eden’s watered river prime.

Oh, flowing sapphire staff made clear,

A snake, like you, is welcomed here.




Text Prompt

An ode is a formal address to a person, place, or thing, not present. An irregular ode does not have a traditional form but the manner largely retains the tone and thematic elements of the classical odes.  There’s a wonderful example poem here, called an Ode to Shea Butter by Angel Nafis.

Tending Water

Prompts for Hour Twenty

Water sheathes a newly field

in glistening rippled light revealed.


The silver moon rides o’re the sea.

If I could, I’d voyage with thee.


As the wind picks up the sail.

My silhouette falls on the dale.


The water bellows up the dam

and pours itself upon the land.


Tending water like its sheep.

As though, they graze on oceans deep.






It’s the homestretch/hardest part. Keep going!

Text Prompt

Write a poem about walking at night.

Image Prompt

If It Were Me

If it were me I would be;

The northwest side of a house.

Where I could shade

From the intensity of a noonday south

And the guard myself from the

overly dogmatic eastern past.


If it were me I would be:

a tree on top of a mountain.

Where I could stand alone and see

The city encroaching

But know it will never reach my deep-seated roots.


If it were me, I would be.

An ancient Sanskrit encyclopedia.

Where I could store for young people

All the lost secrets of the past, the prophetic visions of the future,

And how to live life best in the present moment.


If it were me, I would be.

The moment in time when it all began.

When everything was new.

And there were no old secrets.

No need to lie or hide the truth from the light of day.







Listen for a Friend

Prompt for Hour Eighteen

Text Prompt

If you want a friend;

be still and listen.


If you need to hide from an enemy,

be still and listen.


Keeping still will conceal you.

Listening will reveal to you.


And you’ll know who’s your enemy

and who’s your friend.




Use this image and/ or the line it contains “…just be still, and listen” as a jumping off piece. Full credit goes to Shlokla Shankar.


Book Friends

Prompt for Hour Seventeen


Books and people are nearly the same.

Books just like people have lots they can claim.


Turning a page is like asking a question.

A person like a book has a secret confession.


Reading a book’s like listening too.

But reading is better cause memories misconstrue


A friend is a book and a book is a friend.

Book friends keep their words right up to the end.


A story can change when the truth seems too deadly.

A book keeps its story ironically, readily.


If I were to need to make a choice between two.

A book I would choose,  cause it needn’t choose you.

Books were safer than other people anyway. ~Neil Gaiman~ 

Text Prompt

Use one of these quotes as a jumping off point.

“I am begging: Let me be lonely but not invisible.” – Natalie Diaz

“I stopped thinking about extreme grief as the sole vehicle for great art when the grief started to take people with it.” – Hanif Abdurraqib

“Books were safer than other people anyway.”  – Neil Gaiman

A Sense of Breath

Prompts Hour Sixteen

Text Prompt

I lost the ability to smell years ago.

I miss the smell of strawberries.

like I miss my Grandma Emily.

I miss the smell of freshly baked bread

like I miss my childhood.

I miss the smell of Roses

like I miss how roses were once made for the eyes and the nose.

I miss the smell of dirt after a rain

like I miss growing up on a farm.


I need to take in a different breath in life.

I need to relearn to breathe.

I have learned with my eyes that I need to breathe only through my nose.

I have noticed that my sense of smell is returning

in just a little time I have started to be more mindful of how I breathe.

I never thought that breathing is a sense too.

I never thought that there is a right and wrong way to breathe.

Is there a more correct way to see, to hear, to touch, to taste, to move, to smell, to listen, to be?







Write a poem focusing on an experience through a sense other than vision – or a sense you don’t often use or ignore.

Contributed by Janette Rosebrook.

Image Prompt

Liminal Deity

Prompt For Hour Fifteen

Image Prompt

Liminal deity of gates and doors;

what are you keeping so safely as yours?


If I say yes, to discover your truth,

will I be happy to enter your booth?


Will I regret the decisions I make?

Will, there be gentler roads I can take?


Liminal deity, give me a peak.

So, I can know if it’s elsewhere I seek.





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