Poetry Marathon poem #9

Someday I’ll find my way
across this great divide
I’ve created within myself
and fill the crack between my souls.
I feel somewhat unreal
a cracked visage
of a monument
a testament to the past
the precipice I may view
but have never crossed.
I must prepare for the unexpected
to be dejected and lost
but I will press on and
someday find my way
and I will be whole once again
but I must wait
and Fate will take my hand
and lead me over the broken land
over desert dunes of sands
of broken memories
passing Time centuries
listening to the song of the Valkyries
beautiful and pure,
filling me with the strength
to carry on the journey
until I reach my destination
the grand and mighty ocean
of my imagination
surging waters and tidal waves
crashing and swelling
against the seaside caves
as I sit in silence and peace
watching the new take their place
looking forward to the open space
the future holds for those
willing to grasp the reigns
of the Chariot of Fire
leading the blaze through the sky
over those stuck in the mire
breaking the chains of the lie
we’ve deluded ourselves into believing.

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