Midnight hour

In the midnight hour

With a rebel yell

She wrote:

More, more, more


Poem 16 singing

Pickett’s and Idol’s

Voices ringing


Feeling kinda funny

As the hour shifts


Raven came a call in’



I’ve been writing, sharing

Like never before


It’s the midnight hour


©2016 Amanda Potter

2 thoughts on “Midnight hour

  1. Oh, I can so identify with this! What a clever use of ‘In the Midnight Hour’ – as you write it and echo it, I as a reader begin to follow the suggested rhythm of the song!
    The concept is so clever too: midnight is a time for silence and concealment in the darkness of the time – and yet here the marathon poets are – spilling their creative souls online! This brings back a sense of what we all shared: truly atmospheric!

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