Hour 2

Chats with the Moon
To be honest, we are all a rather lonely lot
So I’d be not embarrassed at what I sought
A night that actually should have been dark
Was lit by the moon and my thoughts decided to embark
On a journey of shared thoughts and chats with the moon
In the soft moonlight, I realized though not so soon
The moon was rather lonely
Too far away from us, torn from what it had been formerly
So I asked how it was, how it had been so far
Whether it felt lonely often, whether it cared for some star
I was surprised at its answer to me
Longing was what it had yet to see
“There are many who talk to me after hours” it said
I suppose it was right, what I had read
We are all a rather lonely lot
So I’d be not worried of the company the moon might have sought

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