Rising to the occasion,

Making me go crazy

because of your cold, hard gaze,

It’s not so loving tonight: merciless mirror.

Swollen and full of temptations,

Yet, I am drawn to follow your every move,

Never leave your shine,

not like the sun,

There is no warmth in your light.

Follow: you lead,

I get caught in your veil,

Tonight I marry myself to you.

Swaddled in the back of my throat,

The heat simmers,

My insides feel the sinister burn.

Caught in your gaze,

Yes, like a fish, I’m on a hook.

In your gaze, sinking,

I’ll wake after you go down,

Not until it is time to open my eyes,

Right down to my soul,

you glow: you go.

Show me your face,

your saving grace,

White lightning train ride,

Floating on your high,

In the bottom of the glass goes my pride,

Nothing left but the chandeliers of my tears,

Bellowing from all the years,

Fixed upon you fixed upon me,

Hooked to the high school highs,

Loaded on the old school lows,

Blowing the blues to air,

Smothered in my own smoke,

Feeding on my fire,

On my hunger, you taste,

Forget-me-not: wake me up not,

Living to see the sunrise,

Dying from the moonshine.

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