The water here is no longer viable
And food deliveries, are at best, unreliable
If we are caught here, its undeniable
That we would all be held liable
But be like Hickory wood, unpliable
For no bounty on our heads is even remotely justifiable
For no bounty on our heads is not remotely justifiable
not just water here is viable
They would hold liable
If we are caught undeniable
And are, at best, unreliable
to be like religion, unpliable
like steel, unpliable
is any remotely justifiable
Theater no longer viable
That which would be liable
caught here, undeniable
And delivers the unreliable
yes, even the unreliable
however unpliable
calls for the  justifiable
thirst ending viable
absent of liable
its undeniable
is this our reliable
no longer viable
remotely justifiable
still unpliable
We hold liable
If caught here undeniable
at best, unreliable
the forever unpliable
bounty on  justifiable
The viable
no longer viable held liable
best unreliable, its undeniable
like Hickory wood, unpliable remotely justifiable

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