Mom vs Monster

“Mom” she said, “please check for the monster under my bed.”

“Sure” came my reply, “should I tell it you say hi?”

“Mom” she said, “I am afraid of it, so much, it is inside my head.”

“Fine” came my reply, “then you should tell it why.”

“Mom” she said, “it wants to kill me in my sleep.”

“Sucker” came my reply, “he is not a very wise guy.”

“Mom” she said, “what do you leave unsaid?”

“Love” came my reply, “the monster under your bed says goodbye.”

“Mom” she said, “did you scare it or is it dead?”

“Neither” came my reply, “it saw the warning in my eye.”

“Mom” she said, “are you scarier than the monster instead?”

I did not answer her, I gave no reply – on my lips was a grin, ever so sly.

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