Joy: Then vs Now

It’s hard to describe
my feeling of joy
and the randomness of it.
It was a normal day
school holidays are in full swing
then something took over my body
it’s often puzzling.
I had always been quite uptight
always wanting to know what was to come
but at this moment
I was in complete bliss.
I climbed the fence
needed to get to the stables
where I’d often talk to the horses
as if they needed a friend.
As my feet hit the ground
I felt a sense of calm and joy
there was no rush, no plans,
just happy to be around.
It’s a feeling I have never forgotten
a young boy with the world in front of him.

22 years on,
the setting has changed
but I have constant joy
it’s not a fleeting moment
it’s permanent.
No fences needed to be jumped
no horses needed to be spoken to.
Just a girl
and her touch.

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