Not A Gigan Hour Eight

Having never heard of the Gigan
form of poetry,                              Naturally I had to contact old     Professor Google                               See what this was all about so                 I could try

Regrettably and with the deepest  distressing humiliation,                              I must now bow out of Gigan hour number eight with numerous numbers and widgets that sound like           docents or couplets

Or strings of numbers repeating         then each reversing                   Confusingly twisting my mind can’t do it having Dyscalculia

2 thoughts on “Not A Gigan Hour Eight

  1. A poem that is declining to write a poem. That’s new for me. It was honest, and I appreciate that. I didn’t do it, either. By that point in time, my brain was too tired to figure it out. I do plan to try it at some point, when I’m not under pressure. Maybe you will, too. “Regrettably and with the deepest distressing humiliation…” is my favorite part. Something about that wording appeals to me. If you were truly feeling that, though, there isn’t anything humiliating about it. Everyone deals with challenges in one form or another. Being mean to ourselves is not helpful. 💜

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