Memory Of An Inspiration

2011: Meeting Alan Rickman
2011: Meeting Alan Rickman


I cannot say I knew this man…
For I met him only once.
Of course, he touched my heart;
By the roles he portrayed.

His death was a shock. . .
To his fans, such as I.
And more to those close;
Where he was just himself.

We know him heroically;
A savior or a sinner.
For he portrayed them both;
And oh so brilliantly.

His voice was that of dreams;
Low, slow and massage for the ears.
His way was sure, gentle…
How could he really go?

We’ll have him for lifetimes…
In vaults of other roles he played.
My memory will have him…
Upon the stage, and moments after.

Still, it hurts to think that’s all;
He left all too soon.
At least, for us who knew…
Knew him only for an hour or two.

>> Alan Rickman will be missed. I am so happy to have seen him perform on stage at BAM, and get this photo of us together — and a great story behind the pic. Ask me later, and I’ll tell you! <<

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