Hour Nine: Why I Hate Spiders

Hour Nine Prompt

Warning: If you are afraid of spiders like I am, I suggest you don’t read this unless you are okay with having that paranoid feeling that a spider is on you when it isn’t. I know I am probably going to have it as I write this poem, but oh well. I need to get this out of my mind.

Up close,

their multiple round doll like eyes

can stare into your soul,

paralyzing you with fear to the point

where you feel like you can hardly move.

It doesn’t help that their movements are so calculating.

Each step they take towards you is like

signifying a step closer to your death.

If you don’t kill them instantly,

you feel like they will come to kill you

in one or another.

And if they kill you,

it’s all over from there,

something you’ll feel forever haunted by.



I deem

these bugs

to be the kind of bugs

who should be killed

with no hesitation.



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