Hour Ten: My Favorite Color, Midnight Blue

Often times,

when I lie on my bed at night,

I imagine what my ideal room would be like.

The first thought that comes to mind

is what color the walls would be.

For me, there’s only one solid answer-

midnight blue.


The best part is that

midnight blue is the color of the sky at night,

so that whenever I would lie on my bed,

it’d feel like I’m outside looking up the stars.


I could have that majestic feeling

wash over all the time

with the color midnight blue

all over my walls.

That feeling that all my dreams could come true,

and that, by far, is the best feeling to have.


Coming back to reality,

I look wistfully at the purple walls of bedroom.

Purple is probably my third or fourth favorite color,

but it’s not the best color for a room.

Instead, midnight blue is and always will be that color for me.



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