So this is where my inquisitive mind gets me…?

Hello everyone and greetings from Northern Ireland! My name is Anne and I’ve decided to do the full marathon. From the first, the very title of this project intrigued me, and I can’t wait to get started! I’ve been adrift from my own creative soul recently (work and more work got in the way) so now I’m diving straight into the deep end!

Im not sure what to expect, to be honest: I want this to challenge me and inspire me – and I already feel it will do just that. It’s a lovely feeling to be part of this group…all waiting to begin! I’m on GMT (plus daylight savings) so it’ll be an early start for me! xx


6 thoughts on “So this is where my inquisitive mind gets me…?

  1. I would love to join but I get enough taken from me on the other websites thank you for the invitation have a great time save your poems I hope no one takes them

    1. Caitlin – I’m happy to do it! I really need this challenge and I’m looking forward to the 24 hours! It’s delightful to read the positive and upbeat posts from the other participants – they sound like good people 🙂

  2. Hey Anne!
    Boy did I enjoy your writing today! You make me think… I enjoyed the easy read and the Pandora was my favorite. I LOVE mythology and that writing had me trapped and locked in beginning to end!!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Hi Anne! I was born in Belfast, but moved to California in the 90s. My grandparents lived in Draperstown for many years, near the Sperrins. Where do you live? Also, I’ve enjoyed reading your work, especially the Haiku about your cat and the poem about the children of Lir – one of my favourite pieces of Irish mythology.

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